Our investment strategies are based on the use of a number of different mechanical trading systems for various financial markets, which have been comprehensively tested over a long history, including the crisis years, and have been successfully tested in the current market conditions.





To ensure maximum long-term stability of trading results, we offer our investors not single trading systems, but complex solutions in the form of ready-made layouts, representing portfolios of trading systems operating simultaneously on several financial instruments.


As a standard, we offer the following options for trading portfolios:


  • Conservative portfolio

The main long-term, maximally diversified trading portfolio. The best option for long-term passive investment.

  • Aggressive portfolio

A version of our main portfolio with an increased level of risk, which allows active investors to use their capital most effectively.

  • Mono portfolios

Individual portfolios for each financial instrument separately. In particular, they are used for broadcasting trading signals, allowing investors to independently form their own layouts based on our developments.


All trading portfolios used by us are periodically reviewed and adjusted, if necessary, to maintain their characteristics in the stated ranges.

The characteristics of the current trading portfolios used at the moment are presented in the relevant sections of the site.





We try to work only with the most liquid financial instruments of the futures futures market and the spot cash market to guarantee the maximum quality of transaction execution and, accordingly, minimize losses with large trading volumes.


Our preferred financial instruments include:


  • Major currency pairs of the Forex market;
  • Basic exchange commodities (Gold, Oil, etc.);
  • Major stock indices (S&P 500, Dow Jones 30, etc.).





At the moment, the basis of all our portfolios is made up of short-term trading systems that work mainly within the day during periods of maximum liquidity. The average time of holding open positions is several hours. At the same time, we do not use any methods of high-frequency trading and trading at night because they are not applicable when working with large deposits. Also, in our work, we do not use such pseudo-methods as “martingale” and “sitting out losses” in any of their variations in any form.


Every trading system included in our portfolios must have strict risk management. At the same time, both the risk for each transaction and the number of transactions per day are limited, which, along with the minimum leverage used, makes it almost impossible to receive a critical loss at the same time.





We strive to ensure that our portfolios meet a single standard and are identical when working through any brokerage company, however, due to the different set of traded financial instruments and different trading conditions at different brokers, the layout of our portfolios may differ.


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