Based on our best developments, we provide investors with an investment management service. Management is done by attaching investments to trading accounts that are managed by our strategies. The attachment of investments is carried out using the functionality of brokerage companies without alienating the invested funds in our favor and while maintaining full control over them by investors.


Diversified portfolios of mechanical trading systems are used to manage trading accounts. The combination of traded financial instruments, the trading systems used and the risk level set for each system in the portfolios are calculated optimally taking into account long-term statistics.


This service is optimal for those clients who are focused on passively investing their capital in our strategies and do not plan to participate in active trading on their own.


The key advantages of this service are:

  • The most accurate implementation of trading strategies due to the priority execution of transactions and the use of an optimal set of trading systems as part of portfolios.
  • Maximum ease of connection, configuration and use of the service. Minimal time costs and no need for specific knowledge.

Depending on the conditions of the brokerage company, the traded financial instruments (Forex, Futures, etc.) and the version of the trading portfolio used, our conditions may differ slightly. Nevertheless, we strive to make them as unified and convenient as possible for investors.


Our standard terms:


The minimum deposit is 50 USD.

Connection any day.

The minimum investment period is 1 day.

The reporting period is 1 month.

There are no penalties for early withdrawal of funds.

There is no management fee.

Performance fee(1) (30% – 50%)


(1) It is calculated from the investor's net profit for the reporting period, depending on the size of his deposit and only when the previous maximum yield is updated.


All settlements between the investor and the manager are made by the brokerage company according to the offer of the selected managed account. Please read the rules of the brokerage company and the offer of the proposed managed account before making an investment decision.

To get information about the possibility of connecting to our service, please send us a request in any form. If possible, specify the estimated size of your investment, the preferred level of risk (conservative or aggressive), as well as the preferred market for working (Forex, Futures, CFDs, etc.), if any.


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