A conservative portfolio is formed based on the possibility of long-term management of large capitals without forced deterioration of its declared, calculated characteristics for the longest possible time.


This portfolio is formed from a series of trading systems that trade several financial instruments to ensure the maximum level of diversification. During trading, the minimum necessary leverage is used, while the risks for each individual transaction and each trading day are strictly limited and are selected based on ensuring optimal trading volatility. As a result, this eliminates the possibility of a critical loss at the same time and provides this portfolio with a high margin of safety, allowing it to transfer non-typical unprofitable periods.


This portfolio is optimal for long-term investors who do not want to make investment decisions often or for large investors for whom the broker cannot give the high leverage necessary for aggressive trading.


Depending on the chosen brokerage company, the layout of this trading portfolio may differ due to different trading conditions, as well as the proposed set of traded financial instruments. Nevertheless, due to the necessary modifications of the portfolio, we try to maintain its main characteristics in the calculated ranges.


Below are the statistics for a typical layout of the current version of the trading portfolio.





Logarithmic graph of portfolio return with an initial investment of $1, (USD)



Portfolio profitability charts by years, (%)



Histogram of portfolio return by years, (%)



Portfolio drawdown depth graph, (%)



Portfolio drawdown duration graph, (Days)



Histogram of portfolio return by months, (%)



Table of portfolio return by months, (%)



Summary data:

Maximum leverage up to 1:17
Compound annual growth rate 55.7%
Maximum historical drawdown (-14.1)%
Maximum drawdown duration 8.3 months
Best year 163.7%
Worst year 11.4%
Best month 25,1%
Worst month (-7.5)%
Best day 8.6%
Worst day (-3.6)%
Typical daily profit 0.67%
Typical daily loss (-0.44)%
Risk per trade 0.125% - 0.25%

This trading portfolio can be periodically improved and re-formed. At the same time, its main characteristics, if possible, will be maintained at the declared levels.


The presented results should be considered as hypothetical. In the course of further work, the results may deviate both for the worse and for the better. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that there is always a probability of receiving losses exceeding the calculated levels. As a pessimistic forecast of the correct operation of the portfolio, we can assume the possibility of a deterioration in its trading indicators by 1.5-2 times.

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