The options we offer for managing investors ' assets in the form of Managed Account services and Trading Signals, despite the similarity, have a number of fundamental differences.


There may be more or less differences depending on the technology (PAMM, LAMM, MAM, etc.) used by the broker to connect investments to our accounts.


The table shows the main differences when connecting investments to accounts managed by us using PAMM technology and when automatically copying our trading systems to clients ' trading accounts.

Managed Accounts Trading Signals
Priority trades execution without delay yes -
Exact risk management for any size of the deposit yes -
Optimal, statistically calculated portfolio of trading systems yes -
Pay only for a positive trading result yes -
Easy to connect to the service, set up and further work yes -
Possibility of parallel trading on the account - yes
Possibility of manual intervention in the work of our trading systems - yes
Flexible adjustment of the risk level - yes
The ability to independently form a portfolio of trading systems - yes
Large selection of supported brokerage companies - yes

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