We have been working in the financial industry for more than 14 years, developing trading strategies and managing both our own assets and the assets of our clients. During this time, we have accumulated a huge experience in research and development, created unique trading strategies, optimization techniques and software products that we use in our work.


Over the years of our activity, we have gained experience in cooperation with several thousand clients from different countries of the world, managing tens of millions of dollars of private clients and investment companies in total through various services.



Scientific research


We continuously conduct research on financial markets, create trading strategies and optimization techniques using our own software.

At the same time, we practice an exclusively scientific approach, conducting statistical analysis of quotations of financial instruments with a depth of more than 20 years to ensure maximum stability and adaptability of the developed algorithms to any unexpected market conditions. Thus, the choice of any trading strategy used by us is always statistically justified based on the analysis of thousands of transactions modeled during hundreds of tests.





Since there is always a possibility of abnormal periods in any market, we are necessarily simultaneously engaged in the research of a number of financial instruments and the development of trading systems for them. Based on the developed trading systems, we form diversified portfolios that trade several financial instruments simultaneously, even if this leads to a decrease in the test yield, since this approach is more reliable in the long term, which is a priority for us.



Risk control


We practice the classic stock exchange approach, according to which profits should be allowed to grow, and losses should be strictly limited. Accordingly, in all our strategies, all risks are strictly limited both for each single transaction of each trading system, and for each trading day in total for the entire portfolio of trading systems as a whole.


We also always strictly control the leverage used and try to use it at a minimum, since high deposit load is a factor of increased risk, especially in conditions of limited liquidity.





Our clients always have access to complete reliable information about their investments and control their own investment accounts opened in brokerage companies to which we are not related.


Cooperation with us is carried out exclusively without alienation of investor funds in our favor, which excludes any abuse on our part.


Working with client accounts is mainly carried out through various services for copying transactions using technologies such as PAMM, LAMM, MAM, etc.


At the same time, we recommend to our clients only the largest brokerage companies controlled by reputable regulators to minimize non-trading risks, including fraudulent actions or bankruptcy of the brokerage companies themselves.




The technologies we use allow us to offer a first-class service to both investment companies with multi-million deposits, and individuals, including newcomers who have decided to just try to start investing with minimal amounts.


At the same time, meeting our clients halfway, we offer the most simple and convenient terms of cooperation, in particular, a low entry threshold, no restrictions on the investment period, no penalties for early withdrawal of funds.

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