Our trading systems are effectively used when trading the main stock market indices, including the S&P 500, Dow Jones 30, Nasdaq 100, DAX 30, RTS. Work is possible both on the futures and spot markets, including through CFDs.


The following are the main statistical data on trading portfolios configured to work on currently traded stock indexes separately.


Profit charts for trading portfolios without profit reinvestment with a deposit equal to 100000 USD(1):



Portfolio statistics(2):

S&P 500 DAX 30 RTS
Compound annual growth rate, % 38.99 30.9 43
Maximum historical drawdown, % -21.6 -20.3 -15.7
Maximum drawdown duration, months 14.4 15.2 12.9
Best year, % 82.1 77.5 85.6
Worst year, % 9.5 -9.7 8.7
Best month, % 23 24.68 23.17
Worst month, % -12.17 -7.73 -6.6

(1) The graphs are presented without reinvestment to demonstrate the nature of graphical dependencies at different periods of history. The graphs obtained in real conditions, when reinvesting profits, differ.

(2) Due to the full automation, trading systems can be configured for both higher and lower performance, within the framework of the leverage offered by the broker or the guarantee of futures contracts.

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